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Can you name the arty missing words? (A-Z)

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Work of ArtMissing WordExtra Info
The Creation of ____Michelangelo (1511-12)
Woman ______ BreadMillet (1854)
Lascaux ____ PaintingsUnknown (15,000 BCE)
____ Playing PokerCoolidge (1903)
Les _________Dali (1948)
A Bar at the ______-BergèreManet (1882)
Lady in a _____JacketMacke (1913)
Dante and Virgil in ____Bouguereau (1850)
Massacre of the _________Rubens (1611-12)
Campbell's Tomato _____ BoxWarhol (1964)
The Great Wave off ________Hokusai (1829–32)
The _____ SupperLeonardo (1495-98)
Adoration of the ____Leonardo (1481)
Bust of _________Thutmose (1345 BCE)
Vincent with ____ MouthKatz (1970)
Girl with a _____ EarringVermeer (1665)
Embarkation of the _____ of ShebaLorrain (1648)
Europa After the ____ IIErnst (1940-42)
The Lady of _______Waterhouse (1888)
The _____ DancersPicasso (1925)
Lavacourt _____ SnowMonet (1879)
_____ of WillendorfUnknown (25,000 BCE)
The Night _____Rembrandt (1642)
Madame _John Singer Sargent (1883-84)
The ______ ChristGauguin (1889)
_____ on the TerraceMatisse (1912)

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