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Can you name the words containing 'Elf' and 'Orc'?

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Capital city of Northern Ireland 
Bell tower or steeple 
Place to put your reading matter 
Slender, nonstinging insect similar to a dragonfly 
White with blue glazed Dutch earthenware 
Form of she, used: as an intensifier 
Form of he, used: as an intensifier 
I or me in person 
Photo of you taken by you 
Being focused only on yourself 
December's position (amongst the months) 
Economic assistance to those in need 
Form of you, used: as an intensifier 
Branch of the armed forces 
Legal dissolution of a marriage 
Expulsion of a supposed evil spirit 
Instrument for grasping used by midwife 
Procession or parade of vehicles 
Large (usually classical) instrumental ensemble 
White vitrified translucent ceramic; china 
Covered platform at a building's entrance 
Resembling a pig or pigs 
Rodent with a coat of sharp spine 
Burn the surface of (something) 
Magic, especially black magic 
Hand-held light (or to set fire to) 

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