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Can you name the things that begin and end in 'H'?

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One Word
Blind god misled by Loki or Star Wars planet 
Starsky's partner or rabbit's home 
Turner's partner or illicit alcohol 
Word used as a shout of joy or triumph 
Seat or pavilion for elephant riders 
Bulbous plant of the lily family or Mrs Bucket 
Bristled implement used for grooming 
From this time forward 
Thick stew or any jumbled mixture 
Concluding straight part of a racecourse 
Two Words
Menopause symptom or night sweat 
Simple type of knot 
Skin complaint experienced in warm weather  
Sound heard by dog but maybe not you 
Real money (not cheques or credit cards) 
Dizzy spell caused by standing up too quickly 
Repetitive phrase meaning top secret 
He only made it by a _____ _______ ! 
Scotty Bowman or Toe Blake for instance 
Pig flesh between two rounds of bread ! 

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