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Host city of the 1972 Summer Olympics 
UK city associated with the Pilgrim Fathers  
Second most populous city in Scotland 
Largest city in Switzerland 
Greek city famous for its canal 
Aquae Sulis (The waters of Sulis) Somerset, UK 
North America
Motto: Where the West begins (Texas) 
Georgia's oldest city or grassland ecosystem 
Where the RMS Queen Mary is berthed (California) 
North Carolina capital or Sir Walter 
Lost its 'h' between 1890 and 1911 (Pennsylvania) 
Largest Minnesota city on Lake Superior 
Childhood home of Jesus 
World's largest all female university (Saudi Arabia) 
Cambodian city once known as the 'Pearl of Asia' 
The major urban center of western Saudi Arabia 
Sporcle's most recent world capital 
Africa and Oceania*
Siege of _________ or _________ Black Mambazo 
Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, SalĂ© and 
PE or 'The Friendly City' 
*Largest city in the South Island of New Zealand 

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