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Body Parts
Fleshy part of the mouth 
Secreting organ 
Tube between mouth and stomach 
Organ that produces gametes 
Nerve cell cluster 
Element: Au 
Element: Ge 
Element: Ga 
Element: Gd 
Mixed Bag
One of four states of matter 
Basic unit of heredity 
50%+ illuminated moon 
Greek letter 
Simple sugar, C 6 H 12 O 6 
Metric prefix for billion 
The Sky
Large grouping of stars 
First man in space 
Solar System's largest moon 
Force attracting body to Earth 
Star sign 
Galilei: Physicist and astronomer 
Jane: Chimpanzee behaviourist 
Carl Friedrich: mathematics 
Francis: intelligence theory 
Ancient Greek physician, surgeon 
Ape: family Hominidae 
Mammal: genus: Capra 
Ape: family Hylobatidae 
Rodent: family Muridae 
Insect: order Orthoptera 

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