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Can you name which people have the initials MG and which have the initials GM?

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ClueType 'GM' or 'MG'
Final leader of the Soviet Union
Comedian and actor: Duck Soup
Bandleader: Chattanooga Choo Choo
Female Prime Minister of Israel
Broadcast first transatlantic radio signal
The Simpsons cartoonist
Libyan revolutionary leader
American folk painter: Sugaring Off
Indian independence movement leader
Singer: Careless Whisper
ClueType 'GM' or 'MG'
French author: Bel Ami
Austrian composer: Symphony No. 5
Donnie Darko actress
Motown singer: Let's Get in On
Founder of science of genetics
The Beatles record producer
Former Buccaneers, Man Utd owner
Bee Gees member
Actress: Working Girl
Mad Max actor

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