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Capital city of Scotland
Santa's mode of transport
Exhale audibly
Informal term for money
Scarlett O'Hara actress: Vivien
Capital of the state of North Carolina
From beginning to end; completely
Atlantic Ocean aviator: Charles
Near in time or place
Despite the fact that
Painstakingly careful and accurate
Jackman, Grant or Laurie
Administrative division of a city
Part of the upper leg
A stagnant swamp
The Lady in Red singer: Chris de
Express of disgust or horror
Large tree branch
Irish word for a lake
Pluto astronomer: Clyde
H.M.S. Bounty captain
Large bladed farming implement
Find out how heavy something is
Brideshead Revisited author: Evelyn
Noisy expulsion from the lungs
Temporary leave from military duty
Vocal expression of amusement
Hiccup (variant spelling)
Second-largest city in Pennsylvania
Container for feeding farm animals
Olympic racing sled
Resistant to cutting or chewing
Having a course or irregular surface
As much as necessary
Dutch artist: Vincent van
Sound made by a horse
Cudgel made of hardwood
At a lofty level

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