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Can you name the toy or game by the inventor(s) and origins?

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Inventor and originsGame or ToyYear
Aborigines: originally Aboriginal hunting weaponUnknown
Michael Faraday: originally for experiments with hydrogen at London's Royal Institution1824
Milton Bradley: originally called 'The Checkered Game of Life'1860
Morris Michtom: originally inspired by Theodore Roosevelt1902
Lizzie Magie (not Charles Darrow): originally called 'The Landlord's Game'1903
Richard James: from the Swedish word 'traespiral' meaning - sleek or sinuous1943
Anthony Ernest Pratt: originally called ‘Murder’1944
Alfred Butts: originally called 'Lexiko'1948
Walter Frederick Morrison: originally called the 'Pluto Platter'1948
Ole Kirk Christiansen and son: from the Danish phrase 'leg godt', which means 'play well'1949
George Lerner: originally called 'Make a face'1952
N. and J. McVicker: originally designed to remove coal residue from wallpaper1955
Edwin S. Lowe: a development of earlier dice games such as Yacht and Generala1956
Richard Knerr and Arthur 'Spud' Melin: idea from Australian bamboo 'exercise hoops'1958
Ruth Handler: (co-founder of Mattel) named after her daughter Barbara1959
Arthur Granjean: originally called 'L'Ecran Magique'1959
Erno Rubik: originally called the 'Magic Cube'1974
Xavier Roberts: originally called 'Little Person' dolls1976
Lonnie Johnson: originally called the 'Power Drencher'1988
Satoshi Tajiri: originally Game Boy game called 'Pocket Monsters'1995

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