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Each time a player passes 'GO' he/she receives $200 from the banker.Monopoly
A ship is sunk when all of its squares have been hit.Battleship
With the exception of the knight, a piece may not move over or through any of the other pieces.Chess
Whenever you land on a Baby Boy or Baby Girl space, add 1 people peg to your car.The Game of Life
If after drawing the Doctor card a player is not successful in extracting the body part and sets off the buzzer, that player loses a turn.Operation
The player having the red token, Miss Scarlet, rolls the die and moves first.Clue
Any player who falls, or touches the mat with an elbow or knee, is immediately out of the game.Twister
When you land on a square with a picture of the bottom of a ladder, move up the ladder. Chutes and Ladders
Carefully remove a block from anywhere BELOW the highest completed story.Jenga
If you can jump, you must. And, a multiple jump must be completed.Checkers
Make sure the sliding lever is positioned so that the bars prevent the checkers from falling through the grid.Connect Four
When a player is able to place all seven tiles from the tile rack on the board at the same time, that player receives a 50 point bonus.Scrabble
After all the marbles have been gobbled, players count up their marbles.Hungry Hungry Hippos
Rule Game % Correct
Drawing or including letters or numbers is against the rules.Pictionary
Cheese Cards may be used this way only when you are on the TURN CRANK space.Mousetrap
A player may attack any opponent's territory adjacent with his own, from his own territory, so long as he has a minimum of two armies on it.Risk
The game continues until a player has collected wedges of all 6 colors and then moves his or her marker back to the hub.Trivial Pursuit
For example you may ask: 'Does your person have white hair?',Guess Who
The last five squares before home are the 'safety zone.' Access is limited to those pawns of the same color.Sorry
In addition, dwarves have infravision and can see monsters up to 60' away in the dark. Dungeons and Dragons
She may play the Ninetales card on top of the Vulpix card.Pokémon
If any marbles should fall through the web of sticks and roll out the opening in the bottom of the tube, drop those marbles down the top hole again.Ker Plunk
A roll of 6 and 6 means that the player has four sixes to use.Backgammon
Spilled Bucket: Dump the cherries out of your bucket, place them back on your tree and start over.Hi-Ho Cherry-O
If he bucks while you’re placing the piece; or if that piece, or any other piece, falls off of him, you’re out of the game!Buckaroo

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