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Body Parts
Lower extremity of the leg 
Digit of the hand 
From forehead to chin 
Calf bone 
Largest bone in the body 
End fold of the penis 
Element: F 
Element: Fr 
Element: Fm 
Element: Fl 
Mixed Bag
Push or pull attribute 
Thin wire in a light bulb 
Scale of temperature 
Remains of a prehistoric animal 
Able to flow easily (of a substance) 
Synthesis: combining entities 
1, 2, 3 and 6 are _______ of 6 
Symbol that represents a number 
Third prime number 
Equation linking a set of variables 
Number of times an event occurs 
Michael: Laws of electrolysis 
Dian: mountain gorilla zoology 
Alexander: Discoveror of penicillin 
Benjamin: Lightning rod 
Pierre: Last Theorem 
Mammal: family Canidae 
Polecat: family Mustelidae 
Bird: family Phoenicopteridae 
Insect: order Diptera 
Tailless amphibian: order Anura 

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