Literature Quiz / First and Last Letters: Books II

Random Literature or Young Adult Quiz

Can you name the books from their first and last letter of each word?

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Ft 41Ry By
Te Bk TfMs Zk
As ad DsDn Bn
Te Ct in te HtDr Ss
An GsNl Gn
Te Od Mn ad te SaEt Hy
Nn WdHi Mi
Te Te of Pr RtBx Pr
Je te OeTs Hy
Fn: or te Mn PsMy Sy
Wg HsEy Bë
Ht of DsJh Cd
Te Pe of Dn GyOr We
Te Ml on te FsGe Et
Te Ke RrKd Hi
Te Ty-Ne SsJn Bn
Te Gl Wh te Dn ToSg Ln
In Cd BdTn Ce
Te Ar SsPp Pn
Te Qt AnGm Ge
Te St LrNl He
M’s CnSn Re
Mr on te Ot EsAa Ce
Te Cr of McTy Pt
Ur te VoMm Ly
Lg Wk to FmNn Ma
Te Hs Ge to te GyDs As
C's WbEB We

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