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Forced Order
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What she might sayFilmWhat he might say
Well, it's like Beverly Hills meets 'Emma.' You have read Jane Austen's Emma ? Brittany Murphy isn't she the one that died ?
Well, she can't get her boyfriend back so enrolls at Harvard Law SchoolDid you hear about the brunette and the...
There was Zac Posen, Louis Vuitton, and, of course, Manolo Blahnik. But I thought Sarah Jessica Parker was in it !
This really handsome millionaire takes a wrong turn and ends paying her a few dollars moreWell would you for a million dollars ?
Holly Golightly parties about New York That reminds me. We've run out of eggs.
Do you think they ever could have remained friends, or were they bound to fall in love?No, tell me about the faking-it scene in Katz's Deli !
and then, he teaches her some sexy, seductive moves and then they......Shake their booty ?
Molly Whatshecalled kind of falls in love with this rich boyI wonder what happened to the 'Psychedelic Furs' heir to the throne of Genovia,and 'What's her name' is the queen.Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !
What she might sayFilmWhat he might say
... plays the the head of Runway magazine, but you can tell it's supposed to be VogueOh I thought it was about a Russian newspaper !
She lost her short-term memory months ago in a car accident and each day is October the 13th.I wonder if the Cowboys were playing?
so she persuades her friend, to hit the road for the weekend Are you sure it was a '66 Thunderbird' ?
The posh English one is kind of like the President who really fancies a member of the staff Was her name Monica ?
She just dreams of performing on a man's stageJust out of interest. What was that one called again ?
... is this really pretty thirty something, who gets neurotic because she can't get a blokeWhat? Even even bigger than your Knickers ? Ow, that hurt !
and then he gets gunned down by a street mugger and comes back to protect her Did you say something about mud wrestling?
and he pours his heart out on national radio Baltimore Orioles ! That's my kinda gal.

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