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Can you name the missing words relating to these historic February dates?

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1st (2004)Janet Jackson's famous '________ malfunction' occurs at Super Bowl
2nd (1653)New _________ (later renamed New York) is founded
3rd (1959)Buddy _____, Richie Valens, and Big Bopper die in a plane crash
4th (1945)Roosevelt, Churchill, and ______ meet at the Yalta conference
5th (1988)Gorbachev and Reagan nominated for the _____ peace prize
6th (1935)Popular board game ________ goes on sale for the first time
7th (1725)The _______ of the vanities takes place in Florence, Italy
8th (1915)D. W. Griffith's 'Birth of a ______' premiers
9th (1996)Kasparov defeated by chess computer Deep ____
10th (1986)Largest ever _____ trial, in Palermo, Sicily
11th (1970)Japan becomes the fourth country to launch a _________
12th (1554)Lady Jane ____ executed for high treason
13th (1960)______ becomes the fourth atomic power
14th (1929)St __________ Day Massacre takes place
15th (399bc)Philosopher ________ sentenced to death
16th (1959)______ becomes the president of Cuba
17th (1883)______ /Engaged toilet door sign patented
18th (1930)_____ discovered by Clyde Tombaugh
19th (1945)US Marines land on the island of ___ Jima
20th (1962)John Glenn becomes the first American to _____ Earth
21st (1965)Black nationalist leader Malcolm _ is assassinated
22nd (1997)Edinburgh announce they have cloned a sheep named _____
23rd (1836)Siege at the _____, Texas, begins
24th (1903)Lease for ___________ Bay, Cuba, is signed
25th (1910)Dalai Lama flees _____ from Chinese troops
26th (1815)Napoleon escapes from exile on the island of ____
27th (1844)Dominican Republic gains independence from _____
28th (1854)The __________ party is formally organized
29th (1960)Hugh Hefner opened the first _______ Club

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