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Can you name the seven letter words containing the consecutive letters 'ER'?

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E R _ _ _ _ _
Dutch theologian (1466-1536) 
The act of rubbing out 
One who raises or builds 
Weasels used for fur coats 
Shackleton and Hemingway 
Geological wearing down 
Sexual desire arousing literature 
Having no certain course 
Well instructed; learned 
What Vesuvius did (A.D. 79) 
_ E R _ _ _ _
UK territory NE of Florida  
100% sure 
Italian sports car 
European country 
Finger nail material 
Half woman and half fish 
100% correct 
Ladies fragrance; aroma 
Ant-like insect 
Hitchcock classic 
_ _ E R _ _ _
The U.S. 
Green colored gemstone 
World's highest mountain  
Small, pickled cucumber 
Mongoose-like carnivore 
White faced French clown 
Law-enforcement officer 
Barren: not fertile 
The breastbone 
Rising current of warm air 
_ _ _ E R _ _
North coast African country 
Be worthy of something 
Hirohito or penguin 
Army rank 
Pertaining to the sides 
I, V, X or L, etc 
Sports official 
Keep back, set aside 
Vast region of Russia 
Experienced soldier 
_ _ _ _ E R _
Where beer is made 
Last course at dinner 
Sullivan's musical partner 
It sank the Titanic 
Slope topped reading desk 
I, V, X and L, etc 
Something unexplained 
1, 5, 10, 50 etc 
Maxim or common saying 
Cowboy movie 
_ _ _ _ _ E R
The fat of sea mammals 
Ringo Starr for instance 
Slow moving mass of ice 
The largest planet 
Finger nail varnish 
Not the one or the other 
A month of the year 
Half of a half 
Speak haltingly 
Star Trek series 

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