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Can you name the A-Z words ending in 'Ow'?

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To declare assuredly
Swell outward or rise up
Lacking adult maturity or experience
Arab sailing vessel
Bequeath an income or property
For he's a jolly good one
Increase in size
Line of bushes bordering a field
Movement of liquid into a place
Town home of the Venerable Bede
Regard as true beyond doubt
Not highly intellectual or cultured
Small freshwater fish
Not in any circumstances
U-shaped body of water
Place to rest (one's head)
Renny: Trinidad and Tobago athlete
Arch of colors visible in the sky
Édith Piaf: The Little _______
Fat used in candle making
Strong current beneath the water
Solemn promise
Woman who has lost her spouse
Clash of Clans weapon
Not brave; cowardly
Online real estate database

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