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Can you name the word ending in 'ute' for each letter of the alphabet?

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Not limited by restrictions or exceptionsA-ute
Savagely violent man or animalB-ute
Determine by calculationC-ute
Make (a liquid) thinnerD-ute
Carry out a sentence of death onE-ute
Wind instrumentF-ute
Skeletal muscle forms the buttocksG-ute
Excessively hairyH-ute
Educational organizationI-ute
Strong, coarse fiberJ-ute
1971 Jane Fonda movieK-ute
Stringed instrument L-ute
60 secondsM-ute
____ Gunray (Star Wars character)N-ute
Device for slowing speed of descentP-ute
Determined, and unwaveringR-ute
Person acting in place of anotherS-ute
Testimonial acknowledgment of gratitudeT-ute
Particularly unattractiveU-ute
White sauce made from a rouxV-ute

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