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Can you name the word ending in 'ote' for each letter of the alphabet?

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Interesting account of an incidentA-ote
Piece of paper moneyB-ote
Wolf-like wild dogC-ote
Stand as a name or symbol forD-ote
Portray feelings in a theatrical mannerE-ote
Extra information at the bottom of a pageF-ote
Spanish execution by strangulationG-ote
Table d'____ (a set, fixed price meal)H-ote
Fundamental or central fact or ideaK-ote
Move from one place to anotherL-ote
Speak (from literature) incorrectlyM-ote
Short informal letter N-ote
Milton:Ex Prime Minister of UgandaO-ote
Support or actively encourageP-ote
Don _______ of La ManchaQ-ote
Far away in place or timeR-ote
Struck with a firm blowS-ote
Carry, wield, or conveyT-ote
Assumed responsibility for insuranceU-ote
What the electorate doV-ote
Composed a letterW-ote
Cell formed by the union of two gametesZ-ote

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