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Can you name the words that end in 'op'?

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Greek author of fables
Scenery hung at rear of stage
Hotel errand boy/luggage carrier
Chess piece
Nonsensical talk or writing
Progress to a more advanced state
Hang loosely or laxly
Listen without the speaker's knowledge
Cover, or surround completely
Fastest pace of a horse
Boiled sweet on the end of a stick
Walk clumsily and with a bounce
Mention a famous person you know
Stupid foolish person
Without a pause or interruption
_______s keep falling on my head
Edible bivalve mollusc
News report that breaks first
Fielder found between 2nd and 3rd base
Sailing vessel with a single mast
Observe, or inquire secretly
Winter plant with drooping white flowers
Strip of leather, for sharpening razors
Factory with low pay in poor conditions
Swiftly descent through the air
Liquid resulting from sadness
Woman adulterer
Strike or hit very hard
Loud cry of exultation
Building where goods are made/repaired

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