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Can you name the word ending in 'ite' for each letter of the alphabet?

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Natural craving for foodA-ite
Chief commercial ore of aluminiumB-ite
Made up of several parts or elementsC-ite
Having or showing profound knowledgeE-ite
Limited in magnitude or extentF-ite
Hard igneous rockG-ite
Having both male and female sex organsH-ite
Provoke or stir up unrestI-ite
Member of ancient Canaanite peopleJ-ite
Toy that can be flownK-ite
Opponent of technological progressL-ite
Native or citizen of MoscowM-ite
The radical -NO2 N-ite
Contrary or radically differentO-ite
Diminutive in statureP-ite
To the most absolute extent or degreeQ-ite
A pause from doing something (work)R-ite
Movable computer graphic (or imp)S-ite
Ant-like social insectT-ite
Bring together for a common purposeU-ite
Australian spread made from yeastV-ite
Location connected to the InternetW-ite
Hydrocarbon found in crude wood spiritsX-ite
National park in CaliforniaY-ite
Articulated segment of an animal bodyZ-ite

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