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Can you name the word ending in 'ine' for each letter of the alphabet?

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Relating to high mountainsA-ine
To do with cows or cattleB-ine
Highly addictive recreational drugC-ine
Time limit, as for paymentD-ine
Stoat native to northern regionsE-ine
Pertaining to womenF-ine
Authentic, real or honestG-ine
Chemical associated with allergiesH-ine
Slope, especially on a roadI-ine
Sweet smelling climbing plantJ-ine
A Fish Called Wanda actorK-ine
Large, luxurious carL-ine
Throbbing headacheM-ine
Peach-like fruitN-ine
Define the outer edge or shape ofO-ine
Powerful falconP-ine
Former antimalarial drug compoundQ-ine
Performed as a regular procedureR-ine
Pig or pigsS-ine
Gym device used for bouncingT-ine
Deep blue color or pigmentU-ine
Preventive inoculationV-ine
X-Man played by Hugh JackmanW-ine
Substance found in blood, urine ...X-ine
Tree bark aphrodisiac compoundY-ine
Relating to striped African equidsZ-ine

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