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Can you name the word ending in 'ete' for each letter of the alphabet?

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To make larger or greaterA-ete
____ Noire (literally 'black beast')B-ete
House building materialC-ete
Remove or obliterateD-ete
Discharge (waste matter)E-ete
Honor or entertain (someone) lavishlyF-ete
Reproductive cell G-ete
Swedish and Norwegian word for hellH-ete
Not having all the necessary partsI-ete
Dance jump (from one foot to the other)J-ete
U.S. Olmpic swimmer: _____ KellerK-ete
French for 'The summer'L-ete
Broad heavy knifeM-ete
Quality or state of being artlessN-ete
No longer produced or used; out of dateO-ete
Wentz or TownshendP-ete
French for Search (for)Q-ete
Full or sated by foodR-ete
Discharge substance (from a cell)S-ete
Conversation between two people*T-ete
Not having all the necessary partsU-ete
Lively, healthyV-ete

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