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Can you name the word ending in 'ene' for each letter of the alphabet?

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Flammable gas used in weldingA-ene
The simplest of the aromatic compoundsB-ene
Meet formallyC-ene
Steep-sided wooded valleyD-ene
Large city in W. OregonE-ene
White, crystalline, water-insoluble solidF-ene
Decay of flesh due to lack of blood flowG-ene
Science dealing cleanliness and healthH-ene
Occur in the time between eventsI-ene
Oil used as fuel in lamps and heatersK-ene
To grant; to permitL-ene
Inhabitant of NazarethN-ene
Offensive or disgustingO-ene
Material used in packaging and insulationP-ene
Call together, or summon againR-ene
Calm, peaceful, and untroubledS-ene
Of or like earthT-ene
Poisonous; venomousV-ene
To ween. [Obs.] --ChaucerW-ene
Liquid hydrocarbon used as a solventX-ene

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