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Can you name the word ending in 'ate' for each letter of the alphabet?

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Bring (a cartoon) to lifeA-ate
Rebuke or scold angrilyB-ate
Reduce to ashesC-ate
Formal discussion on a particular matter D-ate
Roughly calculate the value ofE-ate
Decorate with leavesF-ate
Move rapidly in a circle or spiralG-ate
Remain inactive during the winterH-ate
Person confined in a prisonI-ate
Cut the throat ofJ-ate
Japanese system of unarmed combatK-ate
Set (someone) freeL-ate
Authority to carry out a policyM-ate
Add a spoken commentaryN-ate
Narcotic drugO-ate
Person who raids at seaP-ate
Growing in sets of fiveQ-ate
Think deeply about somethingR-ate
Upper house of the US CongressS-ate
Shorten by cutting off a partT-ate
Principal Latin version of the BibleV-ate
Richard Nixon's downfallW-ate
Salt or ester of xanthic acidX-ate
Work partner (of a draft animal)Y-ate
Divided by parallel planesZ-ate

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