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Can you name the word ending in 'ane' for these letters of the alphabet?

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Secret or mysteriousA-ane
Capital and largest city of QueenslandB-ane
Movable barrier used in motor racingC-ane
Native of DenmarkD-ane
Colorless odorless alkane gasE-ane
Pastry with an almond-flavored fillingF-ane
Relevant and appropriateG-ane
Severe tropical cycloneH-ane
Of unsound mindI-ane
Tarzan's girlJ-ane
___ and Abel (Jeffrey Archer)K-ane
Narrow way or roadL-ane
Capital city of SwazilandM-ane
Saturated hydrocarbon found in petroleum O-ane
Tool for smoothing or shaping woodP-ane
Replace the rattan on (a chair, etc)R-ane
Tall tropical grass (saccharum officinarum)S-ane
Feudal lord or baronT-ane
Showing a high degree of refinementU-ane
Broad blade attached to a windmillV-ane
Poisonous Eurasian perennial herbW-ane
Zinc chlorideZ-ane

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