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Swimwear brand
Monterey Jack, Paneer or Gorgonzola
Impudent in an endearing way
My heart ______ for you
Slight wind
European country
Showing a selfish desire to have more
Eat up your ______ they're healthy
One of the seven dwarfs
The fastest mouse in all Mexico
Malayan dagger with a wavy blade
Dachshund, Siamese and Merino
Delivery of a baby hind end first
Communication by word of mouth
Text-based messages or bird sounds
Wicker baskets used to hold fish
Used as a toast before drinking
What one does to pray
One of the seven dwarfs
Actress Ashley or author Graham
Borough of New York City
Bounty hunter shot by Han Solo
Change to ice
80s TV show Remington ______
Welcomes in a friendly way
Part of a garment that covers the arm
Breathe with difficulty
Sinister: causing sensation of unease
Jason has a golden one
Trousers made of flannel or gabardine

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