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On what street in New York does the city's famous Easter parade take place?
Which month is the English and German names for Easter or Ostern associated with?
Which Anglo-Saxon goddess is associated with the word Easter?
The Good Friday agreement, signed on Good Friday 1998, is also named after which city?
Who was the first person to speak to Jesus after he had risen from the dead?
Every Easter who gives his 'Urbi et Orbi' to the world?
The customary act of painting what, is known as Pysanka?
What color was the cloak that Jesus wore when he went to the cross?
Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday and Pancake Day are also known as what?
Question Answer
Name any of the main stars of Easter Parade (1948)?
Until 1941, from which Asian country were most Easter lilies exported to the United States?
The Presidential Easter Egg Roll was inaugurated by which President's wife?
In whose tomb was Jesus buried?
Which goldsmith produced bejewelled Easter eggs for the Tsars of Russia?
Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was greeted by cheering crowd on which day?
Simnel cake, traditionally eaten on Easter, originated in what country?
Easter island is a territory of which country?
In which country do boys traditionally throw buckets of water over girls at Easter time as part of an ancient fertility ritual?

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