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Capital city of Yemen
Movement of the tide out to sea
'I'm Not In Love' rock band
Fish of the carp family or Australian P.M.
Basic unit of money in India
Ill tempered Billy-Goats
American rapper: Snoop
Beckon to be quiet
Lines leading to center of a circle
Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca
World's largest zipper manufacturer
Sloppy food (especially for pigs)
German storytelling brothers
First American to orbit the Earth
Widely used search engine
Northern Scandinavian
Diego Aracena International Airport code
Beatles drummer
Board game for two players
Amundsen beat him to the South Pole
Loose dress of Hawaiian origin
Third largest Dutch political party
Commonly used internet abbreviation
Django Unchained and Collateral actor
Syndrome where male has extra Y chromosome
Move along very quickly

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