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Mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and other gasesTune or melody
Forward end of a vessel or airshipIncline the head as in reverence
Trap or ensnareA trick or concealed drawback
Move suddenly or rapidlySmall, slender missile
Completely spent of emotionDischarge the contents of
Underhand or illegal arrangementRepair or mend
Standard of measure or measurementAppraise, estimate, or judge
Elevated; merry or hilariousAcute in pitch
On the insideWell-liked
Conflict, clash, or disagreeBroad-mouthed container
Slight touch of Join lips in respect, affection or love
DeadAfter the usual or proper time
Chief in size, extent, or importanceBroad expanse (of water)
Definition 1AnswerDefinition 2
To accomplish perfectlySlender piece of metal
Thing or personExpress or feel disapproval
Bring, offer or giveNow
Sensitive flesh ( that under the nails)Acting with swiftness or rapidity
Become or remain inactiveThe others
Paid outUsed up or consumed
Form by looping and interlacingEqual in a contest
Involuntary or instinctive impulsePush or force along
Fault, defect, or shortcomingObject used to hold an object firmly
Legal declaration Power of choosing one's own actions
Diagnostic internal photoHigh-energy photon
Pull or remove abruptlyAn American (slang)
Move quickly or suddenly Bring into closeup

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