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Can you name which people have the initials BS and which have the initials SB?

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ClueType 'BS' or 'SB'
Humboldt's Gift author
Sunnydale's main vampire slayer
Hunkpapa Lakota holy man
Star Trek actor who portrayed Data
Singer-songwriter Love Song
Irish author best known for Dracula
The Birth of Venus artist
Waiting for Godot playwright
Baby and Child Care author
The Empress of the Blues
ClueType 'BS' or 'SB'
Democratic presidential candidate 2016
Four time Prime Minister of Italy
The Blue Lagoon actress
Main antagonist in Oliver Twist
The Blind Side actress
Lord Eddard Stark actor
Singer known as The Boss
Scottish singer I Dreamed a Dream
Baby One More Time singer
French writer The Second Sex

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