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QUIZ: Can you name the famous people who share names with these patron saints?

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St. David's Day, Mar 1
Scottish explorer of Africa I presume 
The Thin White Duke or Ziggy Stardust 
The tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) 
Current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 
Darth Vader actor 
Leader of the Branch Davidians sect 
American late-night talk show host 
First Prime Minister of Israel 
Magician known for high-profile feats of endurance 
The Birth of a Nation, Intolerence director 
St George's Day, Apr 23
Wham! band member 
Rhapsody in Blue composer 
Actor who led TV's The A Team  
First U.S. President 
Rumble in the Jungle boxer 
Game of Thrones author 
Scottish engineer: The Father of Railways 
Star Wars writer and director 
Author of Nineteen Eighty‑Four 
Ocean's Eleven, Michael Clayton actor 
St. Andrew's Day, Nov 30
7th U.S President 
56th and current Governor of New York 
Title character from Ender's Game 
English composer and musical theatre impresario 
Scottish American steel industrialist  
17th U.S President 
Wham! band member 
Second son of Elizabeth II 
‎The Walking Dead, Love actually actor 
Portrayed Manuel in Fawlty Towers 
St.Patrick's Day, Mar 17
SpongeBob Squarepants echinoderm friend 
He portayed Bobby Ewing in Dallas 
Dirty Dancing and Ghost actor 
Founding Father and Governor of Virginia 
Jean-Luc Picard actor 
Old West lawman who killed Billy the Kid 
Twice US Open tennis champion 
The second Doctor (Doctor Who) 
John Steed in the original TV show The Avengers 
Protagonist of the novel American Psycho 

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