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Can you name the Breakfast Club related movies?

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Emilio Estevez
That Was ___... This Is Now 
Maximum ___ 
___ at Work 
Late Last ___ 
Loaded ___ 1 
Anthony Michael Hall
The Dead ___ 
Pirates of Silicon ___ 
___ Got Fingered 
Johnny Be ___ 
___ Degrees of Separation 
John Hughes
Uncle ___ 
___ Bueller's Day Off 
Planes, ___ and Automobiles 
She's Having a ___ 
___ the Menace 
Judd Nelson
St. Elmo's ___ 
___ & Now 
Jay and ___ Bob Strike Back 
___ Jack City 
Billionaire Boys ___ 
Molly Ringwald
Pretty in ___ 
Not ___ Teen Movie 
___ the Music 
___ Candles 
___ Lear 
Ally Sheedy
___ Circuit 
One Night ___ 
Man's ___ Friend 
___ Games 
Home ___ 2: Lost in New York 

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