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Can you name the answers to the two ladders (separate ladders) to find the mystery word?

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Ladder One
Direct one's gaze towards 
Goods obtained illegally 
Unable to be found 
Strong sexual desire 
Sudden blast of wind 
Central meaning or theme 
Clenched hand 
Legally binding command 
Notable achievement 
Be frightened of 
To wither; to dry up 
One who divines the future 
Soak through pores; ooze. 
Main tower within a castle 
Ladder Two
Make a discovery 
Informer or decoy for the police  
State of depression 
Large Chinese boat 
Summer month 
Austen or Fonda 
Dark green colored stone 
To disappear gradually 
The food and drink consumed 
Land used for livestock or crops 
To hurt or injure 
Long-eared mammal 
Fish; variety of cod 
Japanese alcoholic beverage 
The Mystery word is ... 

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