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Hello and 'Good day '
Long running American Western series
Crazy sounding Dizzee Rascal hit or a Nabisco candy
Fictional spy created in 1953
'Total Eclipse of the Heart' singer
Military and political leader of France (1769 - 1821)
American hard rock band from Sayreville, New Jersey
Lead singer of U2
A good or honest intention (from the latin 'in good faith')
Rivers of Babylon / Brown Girl in the Ring, pop group
Bellatrix Lestrange actress. Helena...
Aboriginal place name meaning, 'noise of water breaking over rocks'
W. Somerset Maugham novel. 'Of Human ....'
Parker and Barrow (or Dunaway and Beatty)
Patron Saint of both Germany and the Netherlands (former Patron Saint of England!)
1987 novel by Tom Wolfe or 1990 film starring Tom Hanks
The Japanese art of growing (and shaping) trees
Goodbye and 'Good journey'

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