Human or Bull

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Can you name the body parts which were named after real people and which are not?

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Body Part?Human or Bull
Alcock's canal
Bieber's hair
Bowman's capsule
Brain of Morphoton
Circle of Willis
Cyston's valve
Darwin's tubercle
Duchess' Knee
Flual blood
Golgi apparatus
Gräfenberg spot
Great vein of Galen
Kerrs' G stain
Heatie's finger
Helens' fascia
Body Part?Human or Bull
Islets of Langerhans
Howell-Jolly bodies
Lesseps' canal
Loop of Henle
Order of Aurelius
Pouch of Douglas
Scheider's film
Sphincter of Oddi
Spore claw
Sylvian aqueduct
Weiner's Lap
White lines of Toldt
Wormian bones
Zizi Beard
Zonule of Zinn

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