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QUIZ: Can you name the 50 black things (alphabetical)?

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Anna Sewell novel
Martial arts expert
This woman had a child Bam-ba-Lam
Flight recorder on an aircraft
Ace of spades or two of clubs
A pet for a broomstick?
Agatha Christie play or hot drink
Dark, morbid or cruel humor
US rock and roll band (The ...)
Mid 14th century bubonic plague epidemic
Lump of coal or difficult ski slope
Bruised facial discoloration
Pirate's ensign; Jolly Roger
Wooded region of southwestern Germany
Pixies singer, songwriter and guitarist
September 24, 1869 (The Fisk/Gould scandal)
Dark-tipped, fatty mass in a skin follicle
Celestial object with a strong gravitational field
Hazardous condition on a road surface
Gambling card game
US blues-rock music duo or piano items
Arthurian character or Martin Lawrence movie
Creature from the ... (1954 movie)
Someone who works during a strike
Register of persons boycotted or penalized
Sorcery involving the invocation of evil spirits
Extortion of money by the threat of exposure
Longest venomous snake in Africa
Illegal traffic or trade in scarce commodities
Deborah Kerr classic 1947 movie
Highly clandestine covert military activities
Concealment or extinguishment of lights
Dark leopards or militant US political party
'Pirates of the Caribbean' ship
Pungent condiment used in cookery
Sausage made by cooking blood or dried blood
Powerful chess piece
Heavy downpour or Michael Douglas movie
Huge herbivorous African animal
Cocktail of vodka and coffee liqueur
Witches celebration or UK heavy metal band
Virtually landlocked European body of water
Family member regarded as a disgrace
Member of the Italian Fascist party
Australian bird or Natalie Portman movie
Dress code for evening events
Wall Street Crash of 1929
Alannah Myles 1989 US #1
Venomous American spider

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