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Hunnic Empire ruler (Scourge of God)A
Queen of the Iceni (Enemy of Rome)B
King of the Franks (768 - 814)C
King of Persia (522 - 486 bce)D
Five-star general (34th US President)E
King in/of Prussia (1740–1786)F
Supreme Khan of the Mongols (1206-27)G
Carthaginian commander (Cannae ...)H
Tsar of all Russia (1533 - 1584)I
French national heroine (The Maid of Orléans)J
Emperor of China (Founder of the Yuan Dynasty)K
Soldier/Author (Mobilized the Arab revolt WWI)L
Aztec ruler (Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan 1502–1520)M
French Emperor (1804 - 1815)N
King of the Franks (Holy Roman Emperor)O
Khmer Rouge leader (1963 - 81)P
First Emperor of unified China (247-21 bce)Q
King of Scots (1306–29)R
Sioux tribal chief (Little Big Horn)S
Egyptian Pharaoh (1336 - 27 bce) T
*Legendary Greek king of Ithaca (Odysseus)U
Chieftain of the Arverni tribe (82 - 46 bce)V
Military and political leader (1st US President)W
Achaemenid (Persian) king (486 - 465 bce) X
Japanese Naval commander-in-chief (Pearl Harbor)Y
Soviet military commander (Kursk, Khalkin-Gol)Z

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