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QUIZ: Can you name the eight-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ _ Y to Z _ _ _ _ _ _ Y?

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Chemical element with symbol SbA
Famous U.S. theater district B
Home of Lady GodivaC
Lack of order: confusionD
Moment of sudden and great revelationE
Quality of being faithfulF
Tip given to a waiterG
Anne: Wife of William ShakespeareH
Establish who (someone or something) isI
Exposure to (or imminence of) dangerJ
U.S. stateK
Lack of energy and enthusiasmL
Real estate boardgameM
Russian ballet dancer (1890-1950)N
Commonplace or standardO
Dispensary for medicinal drugsP
State of uncertainty or perplexityQ
Queen : Bohemian ________R
Day of the weekS
Study of religious faithT
Not firmly or solidly positionedU
Distance travelled per unit timeV
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and ___W
Cross fertilizationX
British cavalry forceY
Excessive intolerance of opposing viewsZ

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