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Sport requiring bows and arrowsA
Courageous behaviour or characterB
Kill by nailing onto a crossC
Exhibit openly to public viewD
State of elated blissE
Area between the tee and putting greenF
European countryG
Sporcle categoryH
Systematic investigationI
First month of the yearJ
One who spoils the pleasure of othersK
Song sung to send a child to sleepL
Roman counterpart of Greek HermesM
Badly behavedN
Greek epic poem (attributed to Homer)O
Craft of making earthenwareP
Degree or grade of excellence or worthQ
Make right or correctR
Magic, especially black magicS
Give evidence in a court of lawT
South American countryU
Success in defeating an opponentV
Having an abundant supply of moneyW
NBC-Universal streaming serviceX
Colored like butter or old paper ...Y
Branch of biology that studies animalsZ

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