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Material made of two or more metalsA
One habitually cruel to the weakB
Sweets; confectioneryC
Containing or made from milkD
Accredited messenger or representativeE
Quick raid, usually in purpose plunderF
Mickey Mouse's canine friendG
The name of English kingsH
European countryI
Narcotics addictJ
Strikingly unconventionalK
Those people distinct from the clergyL
Legal tenderM
Unpleasant in a spiteful wayN
In a strange mannerO
Dutifulness in religionP
Shaky, or tremulousQ
Pass on (information or a message)R
Variety of cabbageS
A person who flatters for gainT
The state of being in full agreementU
French puppet government 1940-44V
Feel anxious and troubledW
The two Male chromosomes (3 words)X
Pleasing to the tasteY
Unit of money in PolandZ

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