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African countryA
Source of great and sudden wealthB
Acute intestinal infectionC
Bram Stoker creationD
Egg-laying mammalE
Mathematical rule expressed in symbolsF
US StateG
Capital of Solomon IslandsH
Tendency to do nothingI
Caribbean island nationJ
African American holidayK
Wide flat strips of pastaL
Former President of South AfricaM
Lawson: English gourmet and food writerN
Chief sanctuary of the Greek godsO
The kneecapP
Language of the IncasQ
Mother of Jacob and EsauR
Pale seedless grapeS
Mexican liquorT
Canal through which urine is dischargedU
Ice cream flavorV
Large city in KansasW
Tropical evergreen treeX
_______ University, New YorkY
Mammal that resembles a skunkZ

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