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Highly infectious diseaseA
Brown substance used to build honeycombsB
Linked in a complicated wayC
Strongly made container for holding documentsD
When day and night are the same lengthE
Be bewildering toF
Rich and elaborate cakesG
Largest city of Nova ScotiaH
Striped polecat I
Machine that plays a selected musicJ
Brand name for a soft, disposable tissueK
French Cave containing Paleolithic paintingsL
Where your post is deliveredM
Vestibule leading to the nave of a churchN
Blend (cake ingredients) too thoroughlyO
Legendary Arabian birdP
No Q answerQ
Attach (stamps) againR
Elastic synthetic fabricS
A building with three unitsT
No U answerU
Female championV
Container for holding (sewing) implementsW

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