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Take (territory) by conquestA
Borough of New York CityB
Ancient manuscript in book formC
Medical treatment for drug/alcohol misuseD
English countyE
Animated cat of the silent movie eraF
U.S evergreen herbG
Three-dimensional corkscrew shapeH
Finger next to the thumbI
Black Veil Brides guitaristJ
Ancient Greek drinking cupK
Dr. Seuss book characterL
Carnivorous marine gastropod molluscsM
No N & O answersO
Showy flowers of various colorsP
No Q answerQ
Take it easyR
Famous North American tribeS
International system of telegraphyT
Loosen from a fasteningU
Abnormally dilated or swollen veinV
No W answerW
Copy (a document)X
No Y & Z answersY

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