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Public display of planesA
Toothed cutting toolB
Native American Muskhogean tribeC
Disclaim knowledge ofD
Hairy facial featureE
Realized beforehandF
Largest city in ScotlandG
One handed cutting toolH
To strengthen; to invigorateI
Black-and-grey birdJ
Clayton (MLB) or Nick (The Riddle singer)K
Facial spasm (symptom of tetanus)L
One of the four GospelsM
No N answerN
Money (or liquid) transferred from a placeO
Paragraph mark ΒΆP
No Q answerQ
Arc of colored light in the skyR
Move (food ) from mouth to stomachS
Light three wheeled pedal vehicleT
Loosen (top of jar) by rotatingU
No V answerV
_______ Wilson: 28th U.S. PresidentW

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