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Pointed missile shot from a bowA
In a place that is lowerB
Soccer star John or baseball star RodC
To give up; to devoteD
Joint in the human armE
Moldiness, moisture or mildewF
Inflatable pressure bag (pronounced Gam-Off)G
Shortened form of 'high-low' accounting methodH
A relative by marriageI
No J answerJ
Act in a subservient manner (alt. spelling)K
U.S legal drama series ( _. _. ___)L
Noise made by a catM
Under no circumstancesN
U-shaped curve in a streamO
Another name for papayaP
No Q answerQ
Give fresh life or strength toR
Small mouse-like mammal S
Propel (something) with forceT
Remove the stitches fromU
Dutch for 'woman'V
Woman whose husband has diedW

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