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Can you name the words A _ _ _ U to Z _ _ _ U?

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Henry II: House of _____A
African languageB
Aquatic South American rodentC
Second longest European riverD
One of Job's friends (O.T.)E
Lightweight triangular scarfF
Brand of direct marketed knife G
Religious Indian adherent H
Japanese WW II prostituteI
Antique machine for raising waterJ
Great Pyramid at Giza PharaohK
French girls name meaning LilyL
Chinese Special Administrative Region M
Country in OceaniaN
Astro Boy creator: _____ TezukaO
Indian rice dishP
Inca device for recording informationQ
Broken at the top (heraldic)R
Throw (a situation) into chaosS
Ballet term meaning stretched outT
Also known as Ayers RockU
Love of fine objects of artV
Chinese martial artW
No XYZ answersXYZ

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