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Can you find the eight-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ _ T to Z _ _ _ _ _ _ T?

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Unfortunate mishapA
Jewelry worn around the wristB
Single-reed musical instrumentC
Prudent in one's speech or actionsD
Alternative term for aubergineE
Broken part or piece of somethingF
Glove made of armored leatherG
Lacking knowledge or sophisticationI
Full of high-spirited delightJ
Render an opponent unconsciousK
Lover of Queen GuinevereL
Writen withe the rong letersM
Food substance that provides energyN
Get in the way ofO
With childP
Number obtained by divisionQ
Water-resistant outer garmentR
Free from curves or anglesS
Stephenie Meyer series of booksT
Towards the more affluent sector U
Peer who ranks below an earlV
World of ________ (online game )W
Having lived for the shortest timeY
Tiered temple (Assyrian and Babylonian)Z

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