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Opposed toA
Ceremonial dinner party for many peopleB
Where the pilot sits in an aircraftC
Prolonged shortage of rainfallD
Highest mountain in the worldE
Commercial transportation of goodsF
Nadia Comaneci or Olga KorbutG
Small ax with a short handle H
Occurring with no delayI
Large cash prize in a game or lotteryJ
Small oval citrus fruitK
Young hareL
Photograph (made for police records)M
Someone in love with themselvesN
Ostentatiously costly and luxuriousO
Long tapering flagP
Musical composition for four performersQ
Melted (seasoned) cheese on toastR
Creature that tempted EveS
Louis Armstrong's instrumentT
Not properly maintained or cared forU
State in New EnglandV
Document issued to make an arrestW
No X answerX
White rose supporter (War of the Roses)Y
One who supports the State of IsraelZ

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