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Confess to be trueA
Traditional French headwearB
Shore of a sea or oceanC
Consider to be unlikelyD
African countryE
Alchemist of German legendF
Visitor to whom hospitality is extendedG
Raise or haul up H
Block of gold or silverI
Combat between two mounted knightsJ
Brightly colored venomous snakeK
Hungarian composer and piano virtuosoL
Physical strengthM
Period of darknessN
Eight performers or singersO
A braid of hairP
2 pints or 1.136 litersQ
Cook with dry heatR
Fleet of footS
Chirping sound as of a small birdT
Without illuminationU
Open grassland in southern AfricaV
Obtain by seizing forcibly or violentlyW
No X answerX
Vessel used for private cruisingY
The third pillar of IslamZ

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