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QUIZ: Can you name the words A _ _ T to Z _ _ T?

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Also try: A _ _ S to Z _ _ S
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Encourage in some wrongdoing
Basic unit of money in Thailand
The bill in a restaurant
Musical composition for two performers
Cardinal compass point
Social club for male undergraduates
Painful inflammation of the big toe
Characteristic sound of owls
In or of the present month
Act in a funny or teasing way
Influential German idealist philosopher
From Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday
Not reflecting light; not glossy
Semiaquatic amphibian
Kiln for drying hops
Thrust out one's lower lip
Turn away from; give up
Defeat disastrously
Mud deposited by a river or lake
27th President of the United States
Standard division of quantity
Hole for the escape of gas or air
Become limp like flowers
Garden walk planted with trees
Circular domed dwelling
Vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment

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