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Article added to the US ConstitutionA
Early morning mealB
Early morning meal (in France perhaps)C
Marked by dissimilarityD
Of the highest qualityE
Period of fourteen daysF
Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton or SlashG
Cardiac pulseH
Break into someone's conversationI
Revive motor vehicle with weak batteryJ
The most pleasant and agreeableK
King Richard I of England's nicknameL
Follower of WesleyanismM
Failing to take proper care over somethingN
Mistake resulting from inattentionO
Trump, Bush or WashingtonP
Having the most old-fashioned attractivenessQ
French blue cheeseR
Someone punished for the errors of othersS
Characterized by conflict, disorder or confusionT
One who studies unidentified flying objectsU
Way of looking at or thinking about somethingV
Man's sleeveless garment (called vest in U.S.)W
Organ transplant from a different speciesX
Most frothy or frivolousY
Spirit or mood of a particular periodZ

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